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Active Model Capture Technology

Improved AMCT Models New

PlantTriage's unique AMCT (Active Model Capture Technology) algorithm has been refined and improved. The new algorithm accurately finds more process models. There is no need to induce disturbances into your process. AMCT finds process models from naturally occurring set point changes or from controller output changes when loops are in manual.

Tune Over 60 Loops a Day

AMCT (Automatic Model Capture Technology) is like having an engineer on staff, dedicated to process modeling, helping you to squeeze the most information out of your real-time data. You can focus directly on tuning loops, and minimize the effort required to gather data and qualify bump tests.

Cut your loop analysis time by 80% through the use of PlantTriage's AMCT and tune over 60 loops a day.

Really - Tune a Loop in 60 Seconds!

Captured models are available directly from your web browser. Go from modeling to tuning with just a mouse click, using PlantTriage's browser-based tuning tools.

Automatically Capture Bump Tests from Normal Operation

Models captured by AMCT

With a sophisticated expert system, AMCT is combing through your plant's real-time data 24x7. When process bumps occur, AMCT evaluates the data, develops and validates a model. For example, if the operator makes a setpoint change in the night, a model is prepared for you.

Manual operations that result in process models include:

  • Setpoint Changes
  • Valve Moves, Loop in Manual
  • System Start-up
  • System Shutdown

Drill Down to Start Tuning

From the problem-solver report, simply drill-down to get a dashboard full of tuning and modeling information. With PlantTriage's AMCT, all process models are historized, giving you a detailed history of process dynamics. This data is very useful for:

  • Tracking fouling of heat exchangers
  • Tracking equipment degradation
  • Understanding the impact of equipment changes
  • Quantifying the opportunity for improvement
  • Highlighting process non-linearities

Then you can drill down to get a look at the "bump test" data.

No Bumps Required

With AMCT, you do not need to spend hours and hours creating bump tests and analyzing models. AMCT does all this work for you.

Active Model Capture Technology gathers data from normal process operation. It takes advantage of any normally-occurring changes, such as setpoint changes, mode changes, and other operator actions. In this way, it is very opportunistic in gathering the data that is needed. A sophisticated set of rules define data can be used for each performance assessment.

Models captured by AMCT

Start Fixing Problems Immediately

Start Fixing Problems Immediately

Because Active Model Capture Technology is working all the time, it will find and report process models without any pre-work. PlantTriage automatically evaluates all bump tests that occur: setpoint changes, ramps, start-ups, shut-downs, and valve movements in manual. Results are ranked in order of economic importance, so you can deliver results right away.

Use your time wisely. PlantTriage pre-filters the information for you. One of the PlantTriage problem-solvers will show only loops that meet these criteria:

  • One or more bump tests have occurred
  • The bump results have been modelled
  • The model has been qualified. The data is good for tuning.
  • New tuning has been calculated.
  • the new tuning is significantly better than existing tuning.

In other words, you can go straight into loop tuning. All the time-consuming work is done.

Your time is valuable. Use AMCT to help you make the best use of your time.

Accelerate All Tuning Projects

If you want to really accelerate your tuning projects, here's a great method:

  1. Install PlantTriage, with Active Model Capture
  2. Train the Operator to Make Bumps During the Back Shifts
  3. When You Come to Work, You can Start Tuning Loops!

PlantTriage users have used this method to tune over 60 loops in one day.

Integrated PID Loop Optimization Tools

Tune Loops from your web browser

Loop tuning tools are integrated into the PlantTriage browser interface. So you can tune loops without leaving your desk.

Why is this a great way to tune loops? Here are a few reasons:

  • No software to load on your computer
  • Access to real-time trends from anywhere
  • Get more people involved in loop tuning
  • Easy to Use
  • Incredibly fast

Take advantage of our 20 years as the industry leader in PID Tuning software. You can resolve all aspects of control loop performance.

Read More About Modeling in PlantTriage

ExperTune has decades of experience with real-world dynamic process modeling in real plants. We have worked very hard to embed this expertise into our software tools, making it easy for yo0u to get accurate, reliable process models.

PlantTriage can model many types of process, including first order, second order, integrators, and even inverse response.

Get a Demonstration of PlantTriage

There is so much to see in PlantTriage. Get a private guided tour. Demo can be accomplished over the web, and takes about 1 hour.

Request a demonstration on-line or Contact ExperTune at +1 (262) 369 7711.


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